About Us 

Email: Mathsandenglishnet@gmail.com
Phone: 07463943268
All Lessons £25 Per Hour, No Sign Up Fee, No Contract

Who Are We?

We are a group of young graduates who have come together to help students get their best possible grades. All our tutors understand the struggles of students and through this understand how to connect and get the best out of them.


  • Our Lessons are all online and flexible to your needs. We use the latest technology and teaching techniques to ensure you progress in your learing at a faster rate than the rest.
  • Our assessments are completly free evaluations, conducted by a our tutors. Based on the results, a tailored programme will be created to address your child’s learning.
  • All Students recieve weekly updates and reports so you know what they did in classes. All classes are also recorded so you can always look back at work you have previously done.



What is involved in the free assesment test?

The free assessment is designed to identify any gaps in your child’s learning. The free assessment can take anywhere from 20 - 40 minutes and is can be completed online. Your child will be assessed on the level they are at, E.G (16 year old will be assesed using GCSE material).Following the assessment you can talk directly to a tutor to discuss the results. The assessment results helps us to design an individualised learning programme for your child.

How do we teach our students?

All lessons are specific to your childs needs and always follow the sylabus to what the student is working from. This way you are able to progress at a faster speed.

No Contact, No sign-up

Here at MathsAndEnglish.Net we are so confident in our service that their is no sign-up fee nor contract. Meaning if your not happy with the service we are providing you can leave at any time with no strings attached!

Are Classes 1-2-1?

All Our Classes are 1-2-1 meaning that every student will get a personalised learning experiance.Just a few advantages of 1-2-1 tutoring are improving students confidence as well as encouraging students to ask questions as they dont feel the presure from other students.

Some feedback from a student talking about his Maths and English GCSE tutor.

Some feedback from a parent talking about her daughter's time with MathsAndEnglish.Net